VERB WOMAN: spatial profiling for Mayworks

VIDEO [click here] Video simulcast and live performance by Dragu and Francisco-Fernando Granados who borrowed Dragu’s original performance gesture from a photo he saw in an art magazine of Dragu’s 1999 performance EINE KLEIN NACHT RADIO. For four years, Francisco performed Spatial Profiling as a site-specific durational drawing aktion and finally the two artists re-untied …

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MOD (Modern Art Forgeries)

FORGERIES  is series of Dragu’s paintings of Male Modern “Masters” re-maid by a woman untrained in painting on cloth (originally from MARGINALIA project with Pam Hall). Reproduced in various iterations on paper, postcards, and framed limited editions

Biking Woman

Dragu leads a participatory community performance with bicycles that explores journey, struggle, borders and providing for others.

VERB WOMAN: a dance of forgetting

process-durational work curated by Velveeta Krisp for LIVE!Biennale/VIVO, Vancouver, BC Verbs were performed and videotaped; projected and re-performed, re-videotaped; and so on in an essay of memory, forgetting and disintegration. Not unlike the creation of geographical strata (i.e. coal) by pressures of time, weight, history. Video became the background for Paul Couillard’s and Dragu’s choreography-by-chance aktions …

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Walking Woman

VIDEO 1 [click here] by Margaret Dragu and Lorna Boschman documents an all-day community participation performance. Beginning and ending on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery,  a group of Vancouver and Richmond citizens put on their walking shoes and dance, walk, and celebrate the pedestrian and bus lifestyle while visiting a series of Public …

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