Deconstructed Dollhouse

VIDEO 1  [click here] A performance tour and then a video that examines ideas of family, marriage and home Blending Ibsen’s classic text, 16 mm film, video and dance. Dragu’s Nora-for-the-90’s embodies a real estate agent, a homeless person, a pregnant lesbian, a woman looking for her lost Alzheimer’s mother, and a 1-900 psychic Video …

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VERB WOMAN: History of Verb Woman

Back to Text | More on Verb Woman VIDEO GALLERY OFFICIAL BLOG uses art-aktion and Alzheimer verbs to create projection-performances, dictionaries, and live-streaming television stations I work in video, installation, web-based/book-publication, and performance art. My performances span relational, durational, interventionist and community-based practices. I also have a multi-personnae dis-order operating as Lady Justice since 2006, …

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Eine Klenie Nacht Radio

Using live radio broadcasts, dreams, and multi-lingual translations, Dragu rides the night airwaves as a surreal Disc Jockey of death, loss and re-incarnation as she explores the loss of loved ones, memory, history, primary industries and peasant life. Unedited Video [click here]

URBAN SKILLS NO. 5: Secretarial

VIDEO[click here] Dragu and Cornelia Wungaarden embody the 70’s secretary and provide cultural commentary from within the era and the office; joined by Western Front-ers of 1979 along with the era’s office technology including a state of the art IBM selectric typewriter.