VERB WOMAN: the wall is in my head/a dance of forgetting

Dragu’s first solo exhibition included 2 channel video installation, repertoire cinema, and interactive archive/research web stations; curated by Nan Capogna for Richmond Art Gallery,
Exploring conflict and forgetting within public and private contexts, Dragu’s lens focuses on footage from Berlin and Belfast as well as documentation from her 2009-2011 performances of VERB WOMAN: a dance of forgetting(dedicated to her mother who had Alzheimer’s Disease); in context of creating an interactive data base researching chance operation and improvisation.


MARGINALIA: Aktion 1 was first presented to the public for 2005 LIVE! Biennale in Vancouver as an installation and performance at grunt Gallery; covering 3 walls entirely with squares from floor to ceiling and employing squares/paper/flour and recorded audio in a live aktion-performance.

VERB WOMAN: spatial profiling for Mayworks

Video simulcast of live performances by Dragu & Francisco-Fernando Granados who borrowed a Dragu performance gesture from a photo he saw in an art magazine of her 1999 performance EINE KLEIN NACHT RADIO. For four years, Francisco performed Spatial Profiling as a site-specific durational drawing aktion. They two re-untied for a work exploring issues of rupture, displacement, immigration and memory.

MOD (Modern Art Forgeries)

Dragu’s paintings of Male Modern “Masters” re-maid by a woman (untrained in painting) on cloth squares (from MARGINALIA project with Pam Hall). Reproduced in various iterations on paper, postcards, and framed limited editions.

VERB WOMAN: a kaleidoscopic history

Kaleidoscopic time is the moment you see your daughter’s toddler face simultaneously in her grown up visage. Or as you lift your hands from the dishwater and realize they have become your grandmothers’ hands. Verb Woman plunders verbs from her personal history of art-aktions and Alzheimer’s verbs for a durational performance with Becky Burroughs-One & Ed Johnson; Gallery Lambton, Sarnia, Ontario.