MOD (Modern Art Forgeries)

FORGERIES  is series of Dragu’s paintings of Male Modern “Masters” re-maid by a woman untrained in painting on cloth (originally from MARGINALIA project with Pam Hall). Reproduced in various iterations on paper, postcards, and framed limited editions

VERB WOMAN: a dance of forgetting

process-durational work curated by Velveeta Krisp for LIVE!Biennale/VIVO, Vancouver, BC Verbs were performed and videotaped; projected and re-performed, re-videotaped; and so on in an essay of memory, forgetting and disintegration. Not unlike the creation of geographical strata (i.e. coal) by pressures of time, weight, history. Video became the background for Paul Couillard’s and Dragu’s choreography-by-chance aktions …

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