TWEED CURTAIN: making the invisible visible

VIDEO[clickhere] part performance, part walking-tour, part agit-prop, fun/funny with serious intentions. It was about making the invisible visible; creating ephemeral body aktions as traces of embodied mapping. Dancers & performers gave the public TWEED CURTAIN passports, stamps & stickers, and blank postcards (to write folks back home). Performers & public were measured/organized/routed/re-routed and held a …

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Marginalia is both a long story and a continuing one. Marginalia is a collaboration, correspondence and conversation between two artists on opposite coasts of Canada. In an early Artist Statement, Dragu and Hall said – MARGINALIA is about creating discourse: both between the artists, who have undertaken this committed correspondence, and between audiences who experience the work …

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is a sci-fi dystopic performance fantasy video 13 min. Set in the not-too-distant-future, in a society threatened by artists and children, an artist-on-the run leads her community in a Cold War dance through trains and portals. Distributed by VIVO and VTape

MOD (Modern Art Forgeries)

FORGERIES  is series of Dragu’s paintings of Male Modern “Masters” re-maid by a woman untrained in painting on cloth (originally from MARGINALIA project with Pam Hall). Reproduced in various iterations on paper, postcards, and framed limited editions

Walking Woman

VIDEO 1 [click here] by Margaret Dragu and Lorna Boschman documents an all-day community participation performance. Beginning and ending on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery,  a group of Vancouver and Richmond citizens put on their walking shoes and dance, walk, and celebrate the pedestrian and bus lifestyle while visiting a series of Public …

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Rent Do

VIDEO [clickhere] by Margaret Dragu and Eileen Kage A Grimm’s Fairy Tale of Dancing Grandma in 5 languages with original music, flags, and laundry. It even rains Earl Grey tea.