History of Lady Justice

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“Mature but not old; Lady Justice aka Lady J and sometimes just La Dragu is without question the world’s most ubiquitous artist model! Formerly called Justita, and earlier Themis, Dike & Ma’at, she is seen in paintings, sculptures, friezes around the world, & as chachkas on E-Bay.”

My persona allows me to explore sex and representation, sexuality in time of war, transgressed/transgendered body, public/private obsession with celebrity, symbols/symbolism, fata morgana/simulacrum, & notions of vengeance/bearing witness. It is the act of BEARING WITNESS that is central to my work as Lady Justice.

My alter ego surfaced like a phoenix from the flame during a 2006 performance in St. Catharines, Ontario. I spent 3 weeks on-line soliciting participants to go to bed with me (and my cameraperson) to talk about sex/intimacy and as a re-enactment of 1969 Lennon/Ono Bed-In and Give Peace a Chance recording in Montreal. My projection performance culminated in a ritual-exhaustion dance whereby Lady Justice’s blindfold fell to reveal a weeping goddess.
A spontaneous candlelit vigil-parade surged through the streets of St. Catharines lead by the weeping Lady Justice holding her Scales and Sword.

Lady Justice has

  • channelled Mary Magdalene during a Montreal performance about AIDS, guilt, and fear
    employed salt & wine rituals at many public mourning sites including the ROSE community performance commemorating 20th and 23rd anniversaries of Montreal Massacre at L’Ecole Polytechnique and murdered women & children everywhere
  • performed a 3-hour weeping durational performance about revenge/tolerance and notions of justice during Hive 2 Festival in Vancouver
  • re-enacted several Bed-In protest-aktion performances along with creating, recording and performing new lyrics to Give Peace a Chance with local band Payday Millionaire.
    participated in large parades and processions including Procession of Performing Circles, Winter Olympiad 2010
  • created a video art piece Lady Justice and the Epic Burden with international
    award-winning film maker Moira Simpson
  • published on paper and digitally on the web her first two volumes of Lady Justice’s comic book/graphic novels Chapter 1: Lady Justice and the Lost Sword and Chapter 2:  Lady Justice and the Lover Swan

Lady Justice continues her collection of photos of justice/injustice (including traffic accidents, hit and runs) from artists around the world through mail/correspondence art, maintains a strong presence on the web thru Lady Justice Blog, and performs in community events/parades/demos.