NEW NORMAL an embodied novel: the bed is a portal

Margaret Dragu, Justine A. Chambers & Kage explore social architectures and the politics of urban mobility through gesture, choreography, text, chanting, video, music, and sound scores. This vocally transcribed chapter 4 was exhibited in The Pandemic is a Portal, SFU Galleries (Vancouver). to view the work on SFU Galleries Pandemic is a Portal website click …

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A NEW WAY OF WALKING: a/mending of the little books

VIVO Media Arts (Vancouver) revisits/reimagines Dragu’s Little Books (1987-2011) aka Same Day Edit Press. The “create-in-one-day” paste-ups of poetry, manifestos, stand-up monologues, short stories & rants capture her slippery struggles as artist, wage labourer, mother and activist. Dragu. In collaboration with Access Artist Cheryl Green, Dragu created 3 brand new videos for this permanent exhibition Including a …

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TWEED CURTAIN: making the invisible visible

VIDEO[clickhere] part performance, part walking-tour, part agit-prop, fun/funny with serious intentions. It was about making the invisible visible; creating ephemeral body aktions as traces of embodied mapping. Dancers & performers gave the public TWEED CURTAIN passports, stamps & stickers, and blank postcards (to write folks back home). Performers & public were measured/organized/routed/re-routed and held a …

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Marginalia is both a long story and a continuing one. Marginalia is a collaboration, correspondence and conversation between two artists on opposite coasts of Canada. In an early Artist Statement, Dragu and Hall said – MARGINALIA is about creating discourse: both between the artists, who have undertaken this committed correspondence, and between audiences who experience the work …

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M Dragu’s Musuem

Artist’s Statement, Featured Artist, Your Kontinent Film, Video & New Media Festival 2912, Cinevolution Media Arts, Richmond Cultural Building, Richmond, BC After a recent collaboration with artist Francisco-Fernando Granados, I wrote him and said: “You express my thoughts so well, like an echo from my heart.” He replied: “Barthes talks of ‘the joy of understanding …

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M DRAGU’S MUSUEM: Your Kontinent Film […]

VIDEO [click here] Plundering my own history of art-making, this performance is also a response to a long history of artists’ critiques of the museum/ gallery/academic history with a nod to the Guerilla Girls, Marcel Duchamp, On Kawara, Randy and Berenicci, General Idea and bpNichol.