Lady Justice

LADY JUSTICE: peace project

VIDEO [click here] Rock and Roll Concert with Jeremy Todd , Rob Brady and Dragu at Richmond Art Gallery and an allday Bed-In performance with community participation at a local thrift store. This work was created to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Lennon/Ono Bed-In , Montreal.

LADY JUSTICE and 7 Vices/Virtues at grunt gallery

Article [click here] Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, BC Lady J and her amazing Goddesses aka 7 Vices/Virtues — Abstinence/Gluttony, Kindness/Envy, Diligence/Sloth. Liberality/Greed. Lust/Chastity. Patience/Wrath and Humility/Pride presented an evening of projection-performance and live music by Emmy-Gee that combined feasting with cleansing/wine/salt/ice rituals and culminated in BIG PHOTO OP. For a small but charming fee, the public paid …

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LADY JUSTICE: pillowbook

Bain-Ste-Michel, SEXE!ARTE!ACTION! events curated by Eric Letourneau for VIVA ! Performance Art Festival, Montreal, Quebec LADY JUSTICE channeled the spirit of Mary Magdalene for a performance about AIDS/HIV, fear and intimacy; employing ice and cleansing rituals with video projection of her bed-ins with artists from The Dirty Show at NAC in St. Catharines, Ontario. photos: Guy L’Hereux