Personae Performance

Back to Text Performing with Personae: Entrée into Psychology and Politics by Margaret Dragu (aka Lady Justice) When a performance artist creates a persona or alter-ego it is very similar to having an imaginary friend as a child. Psychologists used to describe children’s need for imaginary companions as a narcissistic self-absorption of unrealistic fantasies that …

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Dirty Show

Back to Text THE DIRTY SHOW Curatorial Statement by Margaret Dragu (April 2006) Every person believes he/she is an expert about art. An expert about sex. About sexual representation. Erotica and pornography. And censorship. We all firmly believe that we KNOW. The Every(wo)man saying, “I don’t know much about art but I know what I …

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curated by Todd Janes for Latitude 53, Edmonton, Alberta VIDEO GALLERY [click here] During a one month residency with Freya Bjorg Olafson concurrent with the OCCUPY Movement, Dragu created a one woman TV station. She made 4-7 pm broadcasts of projection-performances featuring her live interactions with her daily video reportage-exploration of the city of Edmonton …

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