What is Performance Art?

Back to Text WHAT IS PERFORMANCE ART? By Margaret Dragu All performance artists are repeatedly asked, “What is performance art?” The question is both a joy and an aggravation. A joyous opportunity to, once again, search for a savvy-ful description of what is so important to us. And an eye-rolling moment of “not again, how …

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Tiny Town

Back to Text THUMBNAIL SKETCHES FROM A TINY TOWN (A BLOG BY MARGARET DRAGU) “You should apply to Edmonton’s VISUALEYEZ festival,” suggested friends Paul Couillard (Toronto), Kirsten Forkert (Vancouver), and Tagny Duff (Montreal). When I was accepted, they were happy for me, assured me I would have a fabulous time, and also cautioned me it …

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The Bridge

Back to Text THE BRIDGE by Margaret Dragu I don’t remember ever being afraid of the bridge. I could be wrong about this. I am, after all, a LIFELONG COWARD. I am afraid of bats, spiders, and snakes. I worry that electricity is leaking out from electric sockets. I get seasick on moving docks. Ladders …

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