Verb Woman

VERB WOMAN: Cleaning and Loving it

Dragu cleans the steps of the Ontario Legislature short weeks after a bloody demonstration. She and her Artist Friends create a walk’n’ roll PARADE from Queen’s Park Legislative Buildings past Art Gallery of Ontario and through the parks and streets of Toronto all the while cleaning cleaning cleaning. See the book and DVD  “The Living Art of Margaret Dragu”, edited by Paul Couillard, published by FADO.

VERB WOMAN: History of Verb Woman

descriptions of five early VERB WOMAN performances beginning with

VERB WOMAN: mending
I believe mending is a form of healing. Repairing a hem can be the first step to mending a broken heart. VERB WOMAN began visiting galleries, clinics and social places in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to sew sagging skirt hems, patch holes in torn sleeves, and replace missing buttons on shirts. For each “mending-aktion”, I sew a button on my own black clothes. An on-going project, my goal is to create a button-covered black suit similar to London Pearlies.