M. Dragu’s Museum

TWEED CURTAIN: making the invisible visible

VIDEO[clickhere] part performance, part walking-tour, part agit-prop, fun/funny with serious intentions. It was about making the invisible visible; creating ephemeral body aktions as traces of embodied mapping. Dancers & performers gave the public TWEED CURTAIN passports, stamps & stickers, and blank postcards (to write folks back home). Performers & public were measured/organized/routed/re-routed and held a …

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Marginalia is both a long story and a continuing one. Marginalia is a collaboration, correspondence and conversation between two artists on opposite coasts of Canada. In an early Artist Statement, Dragu and Hall said – MARGINALIA is about creating discourse: both between the artists, who have undertaken this committed correspondence, and between audiences who experience the work …

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MARGINALIA: getting out of the house

Marginalia: Getting out of the House was presented at Richmond Art Gallery (RAGA) in Richmond, BC, in 2008 as an installation of two flying houses suspended from the ceiling accompanied by the artists’ square-correspondence printed on 4″x6″ recipe cards and hung on gallery walls like multiple clotheslines; the artists invited members of the local community to …

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