History of Nuestra Senora Del Pan

HISTORY of NUESTRA SENORA DEL PAN VIDEO GALLERY OFFICIAL BLOG Nuestra Senora del Pan executes durational performance pieces employing time, yeast, sugar, flour, water, oil, fire and sweat. Nuestra Senora del Pan celebrates the peasant and the domestic. Peasant life is under attack all over the world. Fishing villages and Farmland are under constant attack …

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Deconstructed Dollhouse

VIDEO 1  [click here] A performance tour and then a video that examines ideas of family, marriage and home Blending Ibsen’s classic text, 16 mm film, video and dance. Dragu’s Nora-for-the-90’s embodies a real estate agent, a homeless person, a pregnant lesbian, a woman looking for her lost Alzheimer’s mother, and a 1-900 psychic Video …

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History of Verb Woman

Back to Text | More on Verb Woman VIDEO GALLERY OFFICIAL BLOG uses art-aktion and Alzheimer verbs to create projection-performances, dictionaries, and live-streaming television stations I work in video, installation, web-based/book-publication, and performance art. My performances span relational, durational, interventionist and community-based practices. I also have a multi-personnae dis-order operating as Lady Justice since 2006, …

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Eine Klenie Nacht Radio

Using live radio broadcasts, dreams, and multi-lingual translations, Dragu rides the night airwaves as a surreal Disc Jockey of death, loss and re-incarnation as she explores the loss of loved ones, memory, history, primary industries and peasant life. Unedited Video [click here]

URBAN SKILLS NO. 5: Secretarial

VIDEO[click here] Dragu and Cornelia Wungaarden embody the 70’s secretary and provide cultural commentary from within the era and the office; joined by Western Front-ers of 1979 along with the era’s office technology including a state of the art IBM selectric typewriter.