Film & Video Productions

How To Be Old

ongoing video series that is a How-To- Guide for Boomers &  Zoomers about the intricacies and challenges of aging while also serving as a cultural analysis of memory, loss, death and the female body. All 8 HOW TO BE OLD Videos [click here]


is a sci-fi dystopic performance fantasy video 13 min. Set in the not-too-distant-future, in a society threatened by artists and children, an artist-on-the run leads her community in a Cold War dance through trains and portals. Distributed by VIVO and VTape

Rent Do

VIDEO [clickhere] by Margaret Dragu and Eileen Kage A Grimm’s Fairy Tale of Dancing Grandma in 5 languages with original music, flags, and laundry. It even rains Earl Grey tea.